Traveling and Living in Germany (April/May 2018)

Journalists, editors and media professionals can apply for an editorial internship in Germany. The journalists will have the opportunity to write blog posts and articles for print and online; they can develop and spread multimedia stories and learn how to improve working as an online journalist.

The internship is open to journalists, editors, photographers, web developers and other media professionals. The program is taking place from April 16 to May 13, 2018. Fellows will be provided an apartment in Munich, Bavaria and have the opportunity to travel in Bavaria and Germany. Fellows receive the flight from and to Germany. No further payments will be made: delegates are expected to use their own funds for any further costs. Payment for their work with the host media is not envisaged.

Tanzanian Journalists work and live in Germany

Participants will attend press conferences and meet journalists in Germany. They will be able to observe the editorial work at a foreign media organization, and write about their experiences in a blog. They will be integrated into the day-to-day journalism of their host newsroom while researching stories for their home media. The scholarship includes help with finding projects, and interview partners especially in the area of religion as well as social topics.

The participants may work as correspondents for their home newsrooms. The program allows for an intense impression of the culture of Germany, especially on religious and church related topics. The internship is sponsored by the Lutheran publishing house “Evangelischer Presseverband für Bayern e.V.” and the Lutheran Church of Bavaria.


Application Internship Germany

All journalists and media professional from Tanzania who regularly work for a media organization can apply. It is assumed that all candidates have a strong command of the English language. German language abilities are an advantage but are not mandatory.
The Evangelische Presseverband e.V. organizes and coordinates the exchange program, conveys contacts, but is not acting as a travel agent. The selected fellows are expected to write articles, who will be published on the project website. Crossmedia projects are especially appreciated.

For your application you have to hand in a PDF with

  • A letter of motivation
  •  A CV with a passport picture
  •  3-4 copies of articles written by you or an explanatory text with links to TV and radio shows or multimedia stories
  •  A guarantee from your home media for your leave of absence for the duration of the program
  • The participants commit themselves to write 2-4 articles for our German website ( and a report about their experiences, as well as to hand in copies of their articles they have written during the exchange.

Application deadline: 01.03.2018

Applications should be submitted by mail to Rieke Harmsen:

Exchange Tansania Germany